Trupthi OnlineStore

Trupthi Online Store established to facilitate convenient and cheap online vegetables shopping, online groceries shopping and online meat shopping needs of the Vijayawada and Andhrapradesh public. It is arranged with simple Whatsapp based ordering that is reverted back to you with a call and convenient door step delivery. We source fresh vegetables daily directly from farms. Your order will be addressed carefully and delivered with fresh vegetables and groceries. Now, you need not have to spare time for your vegetables and groceries shopping as our team will always be there with you by facilitating convenient ordering and free home delivery. Free home delivery of vegetables and groceries for Vijayawada is arranged well keeping in mind your needs and interests.

Trupthi Online Store works better on your needs b y addressing well your best interest. Free home delivery of vegetables and groceries with us is added with economy too because we source everything directly from farms. Your time will be saved through our facility at the same time letting you to avail quality items at the cheaper prices our team constantly keeps in touch with you in order to make your every transaction satisfactory. Try us once with a simple Whatsapp number adding and ordering. Rest everything will be attended attentively by our team. Very soon, we’re going to add more products and services by customizing well to your needs and affordability. Trupthi Online Store wants to be a part of your family and please be a prestigious customer with us always.